February 26, 2004

IBM's Deepening Commitment to Linux

IBM's enhancements to its eServer p690 reflect the firm's commitment to a server strategy that is
putting Big Blue in the industry's driver seat. The road has not been a straight shot, but it has certainly been smoothed over by the advent of Linux.

In an announcement earlier this week, IBM said it had increased the processing power of its Power4+ chips to 1.9 GHz. The upgrade includes
configurations of 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-way and supports as much as a terabyte of memory. Moreover, there are faster memory speeds of 633 MHz, as well
as 128 MB of Level 3 cache.

IBM also announced that Linux would be available with the p690. That means Linux is now offered across the entire pSeries line. IBM will sell SuSE
Linux Enterprise Server 8 or Red Hat Enterprise
Linux AS 3.

Link: newsfactor.com


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