December 21, 2005

IBM's Motion Granted - 1st Report from the Courthouse

Groklaw has reports from the courthouse on the hearing for IBM's Motion to Compel Documents on SCO's Privilege Log. SCO's Motion to Compel Production from IBM's Execs: Wells took a short recess to read up on a few things before making a finding that IBM has acted in good faith with respect to the production of documents from Palmisano & Wladawsky-Berger. In light of wording used in the February 2004 hearing, the March 2004 order was meant to include Paul Horn & Nick Bowen. IBM has stated that they have produced documents from their files, and should provide affidavits stating that IBM has performed a reasonable search of their files and produced responsive, non-privileged documents. If SCO believes the production is insufficient, they should ask the individuals during depositions (which, if taken, won't count against the 50 allowed). SCO's Motion is therefore GRANTED in part, and DENIED in part.

Link: Groklaw

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