IBM’s patience runs out on SCO

IBM has filed a request to push through a Motion to Compel Discovery in order to get hold of the specific ‘misappropriated’ code it claims SCO is

The memorandum comes on the heels of a Hallowe’en conference between the two sides, where the administrative Judge handling the case ruled a final
meeting would be held 21 November, to resolve the issue. After this, the discovery request would go to oral argument on 5 December if SCO still hadn’t
satisfied IBM’s requests for SCO material that it needs to compile its defence. It is unlikely SCO would be allowed any further delay, should such an
eventuality arise.

IBM, understandably, wants this eventuality to turn up sooner, if possible, and the memorandum filed 3 November requests the court issue an Order to
compel SCO to deliver the documentation it has asked for.