October 24, 2001

IBM's WebsSphere Commerce offers the industry's broadest support of Linux

Author: JT Smith

IBM's WebSphere Commerce, the

industry's first e-commerce software to support Linux* on the mainframe, is

now available for customers using the open source platform on Intel


WebSphere Commerce Suite V5.1 will now support Linux on Intel-based

systems, allowing small and medium size businesses to create fast, flexible

and highly-reliable e-commerce sites to more effectively conduct business

around the world.

IBM's e-commerce software allows business managers to easily design

compelling sales campaigns, explore new revenue opportunities and enhance

relationships with their customers worldwide -- all from a single commerce


MuscleTech, a leading research company that develops and distributes

sports and nutrition aids, has embraced WebSphere Commerce for Linux.

"IBM's WebSphere Commerce for Linux is enabling MuscleTech to develop

a state-of-the-art e-commerce site that runs on a highly cost-effective,

secure and stable platform - bringing one of the most advanced, integrated

e-commerce systems in the world to our customers," said Jason Bell,

eCommerce Division Manager, and Sean Klyne, Information Technology Manager,

of MuscleTech. "This offering from IBM will allow us to quickly create and

deploy a powerful new direct to the customer retail channel and an enhanced

call center, helping our company drive business around the globe."

IDC anticipates that Linux will remain the fastest growing server

operating system through 2004, with a compound annual growth rate of 28

percent from 2000 to 2004. IDC research also shows that 40 percent of all

spending on Linux servers is for Internet related applications, firmly

entrenching Linux servers in the Internet infrastructure**.

IBM's WebSphere Commerce software will now allow businesses to grow

their e-commerce Web sites on Linux, the open operating system which gives

developers the flexibility and freedom to customize the platform to meet

their business needs.

IBM's e-commerce software supports a variety of languages and

currencies, as well as region-specific sales tax and shipping rules,

customized product catalogs and localized payment methods and pricing. In

addition, WebSphere Commerce allows for anytime, anywhere access to

e-commerce sites with enhanced mobile computing features -- including

notification messages, automatic content selection and customized shopping

flow -- tailored to individual devices.

WebSphere Commerce is based on open industry standards and features a

Java? programming model. With its intuitive design, WebSphere Commerce

makes it easy for business managers to create dynamic marketing campaigns,

product promotions, discounts and advertisements, all targeted to specific

customers using powerful business rules technology.

Product Availability and Pricing

WebSphere Commerce Version 5.1 for Linux will be available in early

December 2001. WebSphere Commerce Version 5.1 for Linux will support Red

Hat and SuSE Linux, with a starting price of US $5,000 per processor for

Start Edition, and US $52,000 per processor for Pro Edition.

Additional information is available at:

http://www.ibm.com/software/commerce. For more information about IBM's

offerings for Linux, visit: http://ibm.com/linux.

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