February 9, 2006

IBM/Sun/OOo Say "No Way" to VNUnet Contro

Author: Andy Updegrove

Andy Updegrove writes "I read a story by Tom Sanders at Vnunet.com yesterday called Sun urged to give up OpenOffice control that just sounded "wrong," or at least overblown. The gist of the story is that OpenOffice.org Project Leader Louis Suarez-Potts wants Sun to contribute the copyright in the OpenOffice.org open source version of ODF to a foundation to be created for the purpose of owning the rights, and that Sun and IBM aren't getting along. I've gone direct to IBM and Sun to find out whether the Vnunet.com story has it right, and they both say "no." Funny thing is, I also got an email from Suarez-Potts saying the same thing."
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