May 16, 2001

Icepack -- how cool is this?

Author: JT Smith

Avatar writes: "Evil3d has been hard at work on another Linux distro review. Under inspection is Icepack Linux. A small snip:
"Flashing a new image of Tux is one thing, but what does the new Linux distro, Icepack, actually bring to the table besides the cute new hat? Can it support your latest hardware? Does it have up-to-date software and packages? Is the installation ripped off from someone else, or did they do something unique? In this review, we plan to find all this out and more. And, just because this is Icepack's first time out doesn't mean we'll go easy on them either."

All the gory details can be found here.

But, we didn't stop there. We also have a matching HOWTO for setting up NVIDIA cards under Icepack. (For 3D support of course!)"


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