April 9, 2003

icepack-linux infos about the next releas (i3)

Ralf Schülke writes
"2003-04-04: icepack login manager 2.9.1 released, next: icepack linux 2.91 release.icepack-linux.org focuses on the development of icepack linux 3.0 (i3).
This site covers the development releases (2.9x) of icepack linux that will lead to i3.
Our plans, RPM packages, development releases and new screenshots will be uncovered here.

The working name for the i3 release is the answer.

key features
UP and SMP kernels for one-processor and multi-processor systems
optimizations for 586 processors (Intel Pentium / MMX, AMD K6 / K6-2 / K6-3, Via)
optimizations for i686 processors (Intel Pentium Pro / 2 / 3 / 4, Celeron, Xeon)
optimizations for k7 processors (AMD Duron / Athlon)
FHS compatibility
LSB compliance
and new screenshot about the icepack login manager!

Link: icepack-linux.org

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