June 11, 2002

ICS announces powerful new GUI development tool

mhatch writes: Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the leader in user interface development tools for
UNIX/Linux systems, announced today the general availability of Builder Xcessory PRO 6.0,
a major upgrade to its flagship product. Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO) is widely used by
enterprise software developers to speed the creation of graphical user interfaces for
mission critical applications that require high performance and high reliability.
ICS customers report 25%+ savings in development time through using BX PRO.
valuation copies of BX PRO are available free at www.ics.com/getbxpro.

New Features

Supports Motif 2.1 Provides access to the latest powerful features of
the industry standard GUI toolkit.

Includes ViewKit 2.1 - The latest version of an integrated C++ object
reuse framework with over 95 C++ components provides a jumpstart on your GUI development.

Extensive support for open source development tools Autoconf, CVS, and
Nedit support will speed your development without requiring the purchase of proprietary tools.

Redesigned user interface makes Builder Xcessory even easier to learn and use.
Compact footprint, tooltips everywhere, and greater consistency reduce learning curves and
maximize developer productivity.

For More Information
More information on Builder Xcessory 6.0, as well as other ICS products is available at
http://www.ics.com or call 1.617.621.0060. Developers interested in Motif 2.2, a new release of Motif, might also like to visit the
MotifZone, http://www.motifzone.net.


  • C/C++
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