August 13, 2002

ICS' BX PRO 6.0 available on Itanium

Mark Hatch writes: "Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the world's
leading supplier of user interface development tools for
professionals building high-performance, scalable enterprise
applications, announced today that its flagship product,
Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO 6.0), is now available for
Itanium® based systems running the Red Hat Linux system."

Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO) is widely used by enterprise
software developers to speed the creation of graphical user
interfaces for mission critical applications that require high
performance, scalability, and high reliability. ICS customers
report 25%+ savings in development time through using BX

High performance, ease of use, and scalability have been
the distinguishing hallmarks of the ICS product line for more
than ten years. Support for the Itanium processor family
underscores ICS' ongoing commitment to provide enterprise
software developers with timely access to the tools and
services they need to create and maintain mission-critical
applications and to migrate their applications to Linux. More
detailed product information is available under the Products
section of the ICS home page at

"We ported the latest release of Builder Xcessory to the
Itanium processor family based on customer demand," said Mark
J. Hatch, Chief Operating Officer of ICS. "In customer
surveys, we found a clear trend for enterprise developers to
identify Linux on Itanium based servers as a key part of their
strategic plans to economically deliver the next generation of

"The Itanium processor family delivers price-performance
for mission critical,enterprise applications," said Melissa
Laird, director of Intel Developer Services. "Intel is pleased
to have had the opportunity to work with ICS through the Intel
Early Access Program and we welcome the availability of
Builder Xcessory PRO on the Itanium processor family because
it helps corporations more quickly develop enterprise
applications written in C/C++ or Java."

About ICS

ICS is the world's leading provider of software development
tools that professionals use when developing the high
performance, software applications on which their mission
depends. ICS' customers include military, aerospace,
financial, automotive, telecommunication, entertainment,
pharmaceutical, and research companies. Founded in 1987, ICS
was chartered to create software development tools for
developers working with the then emerging X Window System?.
The company's first offerings included X training and a
version of Motif for systems manufactured by Sun Microsystems.
Prior to the widespread adoption of Motif by the UNIX
workstation vendors, ICS was the leading independent shipper
of the Motif toolkit. In 1998, The Open Group chose ICS to
provide technical support for its Motif source code licenses.

ICS' flagship product, Builder Xcessory, is in its sixth
major release and represents over 100 person years of effort.
BX defines a level of sophistication, functionality, and
ease-of-use that is unmatched in the industry.

ICS sponsors the MotifZone (, a
community site for Motif developers to gather additional
knowledge and request input on technical problems from other
engineers. The MotifZone hosts the Public CVS source code
repository for Open Motif as well as the defect database. The
MotifZone hosts over 5000 active developers, has delivered
almost 100,000 downloads of Open Motif, and experiences over 5
million hits per year. It is the most active website dedicated
to user interface software development.

For further information on ICS, its products or services,
call 617-621-0060, or visit the ICS website at

Press Contact:

Mark Hatch
617-621-0060 x108"

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