October 19, 2001

Idaya launches VSDMail- a new killer app for ISPs

Author: JT Smith

Zoe Knipe writes: "SMEs and corporates often find controlling and reconfiguring their email a cumbersome process. For simple jobs such as setting up a new mailbox, creating an autoresponder or changing passwords, they usually have to contact their ISP?s help desk for assistance. In most cases, the only alternative is to install a local mailserver, costing upwards of $1000, plus ongoing maintenance and licensing."
VSDMail provides a simple, secure method for the domain owner to configure email from their own desktop. From the user?s point of view, VSDMail puts the reconfiguration process at their fingertips, requires little technical knowledge, and means that changes can be effected immediately rather than waiting for technical support.

VSDMail is available to SME and corporate customers running sendmail on Linux. Pricing has been designed to offer attractive margins to resellers whilst also enabling very affordable end-user pricing.

The following features are included in VSDMail:

· Add or remove domain names
· Manage multiple POP3 mailboxes
· Change mailbox passwords

· Email address/alias configuration

· Email autoresponder configuration
· Fully secure - all communication encrypted using OpenSSL


About Idaya Ltd.
Idaya Ltd develop innovative software solutions for the ISP, ASP and web hosting marketplaces. The company?s mission is to provide the cutting-edge solutions, support and consultancy that enables Service Providers to increase market share and enhance their services.

Idaya?s core products are VSDControl, VSDClient and VSDMail. Together these applications provide the ability to delegate the administration of a freeVSD powered hosting server, virtual environment or virtually hosted domain respectively.

The company is also the primary sponsor of the freeVSD project, an open source 'virtual environment' platform for Service Providers.

About freeVSD
FreeVSD is an advanced web-hosting platform for ISP?s, educational institutions and other large organisations. It allows multiple Virtual Servers to be created on a single hosting server, each with a truly separate and secure web-hosting environment. This reduces an ISP?s hardware outlay and also lowers the cost of support due to delegated administration.

Freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), freeVSD comes complete with a documented administration protocol and an open source web-based administration system.

The project website is http://www.freevsd.org.

For further press enquiries, please contact Idaya?s publicity representatives:
Zoë Knipe or Paul Lindsell
Lindsell Marketing
Tel: 020 7434 2090
Fax: 020 7437 4130
E-Mail: zoe@lindsellmarketing.com"

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