March 29, 2013

IDC Lists Top 10 HPC Market Predictions for 2013

IDC has released its Top 10 HPC Market Predictions for 2013. The big takeaways? While the outlook is good for business, the industry goal of reaching Exascale by 2018 looks to be slipping by at least two years.

1. The Worldwide HPC Market Will Leave the Global Economic Recession Behind and Will Be in a Healthy Growth Mode. In 2009, the low point of the global economic downturn, worldwide HPC server revenue fell 13% year over year, from $9.8 billion to $8.6 billion — although the supercomputer segment for systems sold for $500,000 and above grew 35% and revenue for systems priced at $3 million and up jumped a whopping 65%. But 2010, 2011, and the first three quarters of 2012 have demonstrated sustained, record- setting growth in the global HPC market. Unlike many market segments, HPC has exited the recession.

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