February 22, 2002

IDE maintainer: "Back it all out, Linus"

Author: JT Smith

Andre Hedrick: "If you want me to continue to work on 2.5.5, back it all out.
Otherwise Martin Dalecki is your NEW IDE Maintainer in the Development
tree and beyond. I will continue to work on 2.4.X it is save from such

I refuse to fix this mess.  I go off to a standards meeting for two days
and come back to a destroyed STACK.  There is no reason for me to
continue to lobby for modification the Microsoft Proposal of a new
command, Force Unit Access, as make the Journaling File Systems stable.
Especially since their proposal and usage of the command under
EXT3/Reiser/XFS/etc would damage the data.

Please allow him to UPDATE and correct the SCSI core, also.
I was joking with Christoph Hellwig about his work on the SCSI API,
suggested he work with Martin to accellerate the rewrite.  So I am
inviting Martin to assist in the SCSI directory and any other place you
needs such an incredible grasp of your "DARWINISM" v/s logical "DESIGN".


Andre Hedrick
Linux Disk Certification Project                Linux ATA Development


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