April 1, 2003

IDT Offers Free Linux-Based Software Package for Interprise Family of Integrated Communications Proc

IDT(TM) (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI), a leading communications IC company, today announced it will provide royalty-free
Linux(R)-based software packages optimized for all members of its Interprise(TM) family of integrated communications processors. Providing the
fundamental building blocks for a wide range of Linux-based embedded designs, the IDT Linux solutions enable system designers to add value through
application code differentiation and avoid the royalty costs of traditional off-the-shelf solutions. The IDT Linux solution provides software
developers with the Linux 2.4.18 kernel, device drivers and a suite of GNU-based development tools optimized to support the wide range of on-chip
peripherals and interfaces offered by the Interprise(TM) family of integrated communications processors.

Link: businesswire.com


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