August 1, 2002

IE alternatives: Three new contenders

"Mozilla 1 and Netscape 7, which are closely related, offer few features that IE doesn't--the only
obvious one is the novice-friendly Composer Web-design module. But they have one thing Microsoft's
browser will never have: the open-source cachet. Designers involved in the Mozilla project have
labored for years to build, from the ground up, an Internet suite (browser, e-mail, and chat) that takes
little room, loads pages fast, supports Internet standards zealously, protects your privacy, and doesn't
clutter your system with unwanted add-ons or come-ons. Although Mozilla has no frills and still
contains some very minor bugs, it largely delivers on that promise. If you want a grassroots alternative
to Microsoft's vision of what the Web should be, this browser is it." More at
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