July 20, 2007

Illegal Codecs Put Me Off Linux

OK, Iââ¬â¢ll be honest with you, the more I use Linux, the more Iââ¬â¢m warming to it. In fact, the more exposure I have to the latest Ubuntu distro (7.04, Feisty Fawn) the more I want to integrate it into my existing ecosystem of PCs. Iââ¬â¢m especially interested in rolling out Ubuntu onto older PCs and notebooks where installing Windows will put too much of a strain on the hardware. But thereââ¬â¢s one aspect of Ubuntu, and Linux in general for that matter, thatââ¬â¢s putting me off. This is the fact that to play a DVD or use WMA/WMV files I have to install codecs that are technically illegal to use.

Link: itmanagement.earthweb.com


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