October 1, 2001

IMA offers free 15-user licenses for new Messaging Server

Author: JT Smith

Hong Kong, October 1, 2001 Messaging software developer International Messaging Associates (IMA) has just released the latest in its top Messaging Solution - Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5.1. In an effort to introduce IEMS to a wider range of customers, while providing a high-end messaging solution that addresses the reliability needs of the global mainstream market, IMA is giving away 15-user licenses for free. By offering free licenses, IEMS5.1 clearly brings the choice of platforms to the users themselves. IEMS5.1 is interoperable in Linux and Windows and will add support for Solaris and HP-UX by late-October. In fact, IMA officials have announced that IEMS5.2 due within the next 90 days will carry migration tools from Windows-based Microsoft Exchange to IEMS as well as Calendaring and Scheduling capabilities. These features will be made available as free upgrades for all users with current support contracts.

This means that government and enterprises planning to shift their messaging platform from Windows to Linux will be able to simply auto-migrate their MS Exchange mailboxes to IEMS. IMA developers say auto-migration will be a simple exercise, with sites experiencing minimal disruption in email services.

With the 15-user free license, IEMS5.1 provides cost-free access to premium functionality unmatched for messaging software that run across multi-platforms. Only 2,000 licenses for the IEMS 5.1 15-user version will be available for copies downloaded from the IMA site until the end of November.

IEMS 5.1 is an enhancement of IEMS5 released early June this year. IEMS 5.1 has enhanced virus and spam detection control, adds an Attachment Removal Filter Module, and data encryption module to protect from unauthorized monitoring by third parties of messages passing through its system. Filter and gateway modules can be built and customized further according to customers needs through its Open Message Queue API. The Attachment Removal Filter Module, which makes use of the new MQ API is being released as an open source module to help promote third party development of IEMS modules.

IMA will be sponsoring a USENET group dedicated to IEMS, where IMA customers can discuss support issues. Initially following the 5.1 release, IMA Technical Support staff will regularly monitor and contribute to this forum. The newsgroup name will be announced in the coming days on the IMA web site, and will be linked with the existing Internet Exchange Open Email Discussion forum. Full 24x7 Technical Support is accessible to customers who purchase standard IMA support contracts.

IEMS5.1 is a complete, stand-alone, open architecture-messaging server with components that can be run on a single machine or in a distributed environment. Having these features IEMS 5.1 can be scaled to fit the different needs of SOHOs, SMEs, and large enterprises and allow for a phased expansion of the system according to the organizations needs.

For more information regarding this offer, please visit the IMA website at http://www.ima.com. IEMS 5.1 can be downloaded from http://www.ima.com/download/v5eval.html.
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