June 21, 2006

Implementing SugarCRM published!

Kshipra Singh writes "SugarCRM is a popular customer relationship management system. It is available in both free open source and commercial versions, making it an ideal way for small-medium business to try out a CRM system without committing large sums of money. Although SugarCRM is carefully designed for ease of use, attaining measurable business gains requires careful planning and research. Implementing SugarCRM distils hard won SugarCRM experienced into an easy to follow guide to implementing the full power of SugarCRM. SugarCRM is an extensive PHP/MySQL based application but with its rich administration interfaces no programming is required to get the most of it.

Michael Whitehead, the author has packed the book with his experience as the premier independent SugarCRM consultant. It's not just a powerful guide to SugarCRM, it's a practical, hands on introduction to CRM as a whole. If you want to harness technology to enhance your customer relationships then read this book.

Here are just some of the knowledge and skills you will gain when you read this book:

Learn specific ways in which SugarCRM can increase your profits through richer customer relationships

The author will help you assess your own companies needs, and plan a SugarCRM implementation tailored specifically to you – it's like having a SugarCRM consultant in the book!

Decide how to deploy SugarCRM so that it meets your requirements best, and step by step instructions for installing the software

A complete step-by-step tutorial in using the standard, every day features of SugarCRM

A look at the various free and commercial add ons available for SugarCRM, as well as advice on when they are useful and how to find more

Introducing SugarCRM across the business – how to train your staff and get your users enthused about what SugarCRM can do for them

Essential admin tasks such as data importing, back up, and maintenance

Integrating SugarCRM with your web site and tips for other forms of integration too!

Includes particular coverage of integration with Mambo

Covers installing and using SugarCRM, as well as tips for training and getting employee support

More details about the book are available at:

A sample chapter can be read at:
http://www.packtpub.com/files/implementing_sugarcr m_chapter2_crm_your_way.pdf"

Link: packtpub.com

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