November 7, 2008

Improvements in GNOME 2.24 and Ubuntu 8.10

It'll be really hard for me to keep track which feature was done by which, so I'll post GNOME 2.24 and Ubuntu 8.10 as one. How is it hard? Well, I used to think that most of the things in Ubuntu were done by GNOME, but I was proven wrong when I looked deeply into the progress of Ubuntu 8.10 from alpha to final. I learned the new quit menus were taken from OpenSUSE (not to be confused with the quit menu being split up into three parts in System part of the Menu Bar; that was by GNOME), that most of the work on the new FUSA applet was done by Ubuntu, and there's some things that Ubuntu takes out of GNOME that I noticed in Foresight's unedited version of GNOME that I couldn't see in Ubuntu's GNOME.



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