July 13, 2005

Independent security audit of the Bitrix Site Mana

Iouri Galitchenko writes "Europe, 12 July, 2005 - Bitrix and Positive Technologies announce about conducted security audit of the Bitrix Site Manager. The audit included the search of all known types of vulnerabilities to which the web applications are liable.

Though the Bitrix company places high emphasis on the software security issues and secure web application development, the management has determined to carry out an independent security audit to ensure a higher security level and give their clients more confidence.

The security section was launched at Bitrixsoft.com . This section contains detailed information about the web security, security analytics materials etc.

Having the original source codes and technical support of the Bitrix company in their disposal, the Positive Technologies company has conducted the full-scale testing of the full version of the Bitrix Site Manager. Total audit stipulates both a third party analysis of the software distribution package and a detailed analysis of the original source codes. The original source code contains more than 5000 files, written in the PHP programming language, making more than 24 MB in size.

The Positive Technologies company, a well-recognized company specializing in web security, was involved in the implementation of the information security audit. It is known as a developer of the MaxPatrol software.

All defects in the software code have been fixed by the developer on its own. The Bitrix Site Manager version 4.0.9 containing all the corrections required to be made to the Bitrix Site Manager version 4.0, was finally tested with the use of the developed toolset. The results of the testing confirmed total invulnerability of the system.

The security system and the architecture of the Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 software are estimated as of highest quality. They approved the Bitrix company to be in earnest about the issues of information security.
The result of the audit is the following: the Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 software is given a rank of “The Secure Web Application”, and the conformance certificate issued.

It is possible get the 10% discount for the MaxPatrol software if it is purchased in a bundle with the Bitrix Site Manager.

Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 trial version is available for free at http://www.bitrixsoft.com/download/ the trial version can be evaluated for 30 days.

On line demo is available at http://demo.bitrixsoft.com/

About Bitrix
The Bitrix Company specializes in developing content management systems and portal solutions for managing web projects and multifunctional information systems for maintaining commercial activities on the Internet. Technological effectiveness, reliability, security and advanced functionality - these are the key moments the company is focused on."

Link: bitrixsoft.com


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