October 7, 2005

IndexCore(IC) changes to HP ProLiant

Anonymous Reader writes "The internet is a powerful and effective communication medium. Client's desires are to having themselves associated with a provider that can not only perform its duties, but also provide them with the range of tools necessary to simplify their everyday online business or personal experience.

IndexCore(IC) provides a unique solution to provide this solution. Letting clients see the difference with the way they are doing business, and the way they can do business. Tailoring not only to the business market, IndexCore(IC) is able to offer clients solutions that have the clients wants and needs in mind.

With IndexCore(IC)'s solution starting at Shared-Server level, this suit custom tailors to our clients wishes and demands, hosing the powerful One-Click Install WordPress Blog system, Urchin 5.0 Web statistics, and an easy to use five step website builder, these are only some of the features that IndexCore(IC) supports for its starting and intermediate range clients. Further support has been implemented for Ruby on Rails which lets clients develop around the existing framework provided within Ruby.

The Virtual-Dedicated Solution range or more formally known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) has been implemented for the intermediate to advanced clients. Clients who are seeking the ability to control their own environment, without needing to utilize a fully pledged Physical-Dedicated Server range may consider options within this solution. The Virtual-Dedicated range housing a Plesk 7.5 control Panel and ColdFusion MX extension support provides the clients the ability to deploy ColdFusion sites and databases. IndexCore(IC) providing multi-language support enables clients to select from English, Spanish, and Russian. The feature rich system providing clients with a keynote insight into the service which lets clients start to control their own experience with a effective 24x7 support team backing them.

The above are only a few solutions that are currently offered by IndexCore(IC), more information can be found at the IndexCore(IC) web site www.indexcore.com. “In the physical world if there is a problem you fix it. In the virtual world if there is a problem you want to make sure that the team fixing this problem is highly trained, and also has your concerns in mind.”"

Link: indexcore.com

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