February 5, 2004

India has your job, and America's money

Steve writes "More and more tech jobs from leading tech companies are leaking to India because of cheaper labor and similar results: but what does this mean for the average programmer, administrator, and consultant who lives in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, or other contries outsourcing?

It's no surprise that Wired's cover story for February deals with the tech sector jumping ship to India. According to Wired, by 2015 well over 3,000,000 (Three
Million) jobs will be outsourced to other nations. Currently, American companies take up 71% of India's tech sector due to out sourcing. Wired also points out that no less than 1/4 of each major American tech sectors will be outsourced to India, most cases being over the 25% mark."

Link: GNULinux.net

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