Indian government outsources Linux security to New Jersey firm


Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

Guardian Digital, based in Allendale, New Jersey, is supplying security and productivity applications for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) headquarters. And, according to Guardian Digital spokesperson Nicole Pearson, ISRO made the first contact.”They were originally looking for a secure mail server,” says Pearson, who noted that ISRO found Guardian Digital through its online presence, not because of a sales call or other direct marketing efforts.

But as ISRO investigated Guardian Digital’s products further, they decided to use not only the company’s Secure Mail suite but also its EnGarde Secure Linux, Internet Acceleration and Management Server, EnGarde WorkGroup Suite, and Internet Defense and Detection System.

A press release issued by Guardian Digital on October 6 quotes ISRO visiting scientist Dr. N. Ramani, who said, “The scalability and security that we now have with our Guardian Digital solution will ensure future network integrations of other ISRO centers are simple and manageable; I have no doubt that many will follow our success and embrace the EnGarde platform.?

Almost all the “offshoring news” we see these days is about North American and European firms sending work to India, China, and other low-cost countries. It’s easy to forget that in the Internet age offshoring can (and should) be a two-way street; that Sun, IBM, HP, and now Guardian Digital — along with many other IT vendors that haven’t come to our attention — are successfully selling to those countries.