November 20, 2003

India's biggest open source event announced

BANGALORE: Linux Bangalore/2003, India's biggest and most popular Linux and Open Source event, will take place in Bangalore during December 2-4, making it the third year that this event has been organised.

What differentiates this event from commercial events (that are typically driven by vendors) is that this event is completely conceived, organised and driven by the Open Source community, focussing on technology talks and a technology expo.

Linux Bangalore/2003 continues to work on the basis of its low-cost model - delegates pay only Rs.300 (US$6.50 - Rs.500/US$11 for people who do not register on the Website) to have access to all the talks and subevents. The registration fee includes lunch and snacks and a conference T-Shirt. The event itself is funded entirely by sponsorships and sale of expo space.



  • Open Source
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