July 24, 2001

Indrema sites finally give up the ghost

Author: JT Smith

- By Grant Gross -

The last remains of the Indrema Linux console project are being shut down, as Indrema partner CollabNet plans to close the idn.indrema.com and gamexchange.indrema.com Web sites shortly.

Both appear to be mostly ghost sites. Before an announcement of the shut-down sent out Monday, the last message in the Indrema discuss mailing list archive at idn.indrema.com was June 1. Even the latest announcement from project hosting service CollabNet, which told subscribers to send questions to the list, generated no response.

Over at gamexchange.indrema.com, there are about 30 commercial projects and about 20 freeware projects listed on the hosted projects page, but most appear to be inactive.

"Nobody has been using the idn.indrema.com site for a long time," says David Boswell, project manager for CollabNet. "There might still be people using the gamexchange.indrema.com site, though. It's hard to tell there. there are a lot of projects that have been started there but not much source code in any of them."

Indrema, which tried to develop a Linux gaming/Web console, shut down in April after running out of cash. Company founder John Gildred said then that Indrema would need more than $10 million to stay afloat.

Boswell promised to check for active projects at gamexchange.indrema.com before shutting it down. Those with concerns about the shut-down should contact Boswell through the discuss@idn.indrema.com mailing list.

"We tried hard to find someone else to pick up the site after
Indrema announced bankruptcy, but unfortunately no one could justify
spending the money on it right now, although there was certainly a lot
of interest in hosting it when we asked around," Boswell adds. "CollabNet has kept the sites going without a sponsor as long as
possible, but at this point we just need to turn them off.

"I'm coordinating on archiving all the data from both sites and finding a home for it so
people can still get to the data when the sites are down. I've enjoyed
working on this project for almost a year now, so it's sad to see it go, but I
guess that's just how things are going this year."


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