February 5, 2002

iNET -- A Java implementation of Microsoft .NET

Author: JT Smith

Don Hsi writes: "Halcyon Software announced the beta release of its iNET(TM) technology, the first commercially available Java-based implementation of the Microsoft .NET framework.
The iNET technology offers Microsoft VisualStudio.NET developers an immediate solution to deploy their Client/Server applications and Web Services to any platform. "Develop in .NET, deploy anywhere," Don Hsi, Halcyon's President & CEO explained, "is what iNET delivers to the Microsoft .NET developers." He went on to say, "Our customers need a seamless solution to accommodate their commitment to both J2EE and Microsoft .NET architecture."

iNET includes an IL2JAVA converter, which generates Java class files or Java source code from the Microsoft .NET Intermediate Language (IL). iNET also provides a full Java implementation of the .NET class libraries that runs on all Java-enabled platforms, including the IBM (NYSE:IBM) eServer platforms, Red Hat (Nasdaq:RHAT) Linux, Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) MAC OS X, and Sun (Nasdaq:SUNW) Solaris.

The .NET framework, parts of which have been submitted to ECMA -- an international standards body -- combined with open standards such as XML/SOAP, promises to become a significant Web Services development platform. iNET seamlessly transforms the .NET Web Services to native J2EE objects and enable them to be hosted by J2EE Application Servers such as BEA (Nasdaq:BEAS) WebLogic, IBM (NYSE:IBM) WebSphere, Sun (Nasdaq:SUNW) iPlanet, and Oracle (Nasdaq:ORCL) 9i Application Server.

Pricing for iNET licenses has not been set at this time. A free evaluation download of the iNET beta release is available at http://www.halcyonsoft.com."

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