December 18, 2006

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

James Pyles writes "Morville and Rosenfeld's book is a real eye-opener for anyone who wants to understand the complexities

of organizing web information at the enterprise-level. This isn't about how to put together a standards-compliant

website (well, it is sort of) or how to develop web applications or graphic design for webpages. True, all of those

functions are necessary for web development but the (apparently) growing career of Information Architecture (IA)

is an entity all its own.

Let me backup a minute. Many of us develop websites as individuals. I work with a team of software engineers

documenting a wide variety of information for them and their customers. To this end, I administrate

the group's Intranet site and it has to be many things to many people. I organize data, try to make it easy to find, try

to make it visually appealing and maintain different security levels for different groups. I wear a number of different

hats depending on my customers' requirements."


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