February 2, 2002

InnerPeace releases GPLed chatterbots

Author: JT Smith

InnerPeace Volunteers writes: "If you have a problem you just can't talk to anybody else

about, tell it to a computer program. Today, after two

years of beta testing,


released over 100 free self-help chatterbot programs

dealing with everything from addictions to worry, under the


An InnerPeace volunteer said, "InnerPeace could help

with LOTS of the world's suffering if more people knew about

it. During the beta testing of InnerPeace software, we

received reports from people from all over the world who

were pointing, clicking, and transforming their lives using

these programs. We don't claim that InnerPeace is a cure all,

but we don't have to take every straw off of the camel's back

to make a difference, either."

The InnerPeace programs are easy to use. Written in JavaScript, the

online versions

and the download versions are identical, so you don't even

need to download them. If you can use the Internet, you can

use InnerPeace. Enjoy InnerPeace. Pass it on.

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