February 20, 2001

The InNOTvators destroying American way of life

Author: JT Smith

Dean Pannell (a.k.a. dinotrac) tells us about Vincent David's lonely quest to protect an innovative world from the clutches of free software.
The complete story is at dinotrac.com. News Item: Microsoft Platforms Group Vice President Jim Allchin says that Open Source software stifles innovation and threatens Intellectual Property.
The scene: A table for two at Dale's Dry Donut Deli, No Dunking Allowed, somewhere in lower left middle Montana.
David looks me straight in the eye. He doesn't blink, ever. "They're everywhere," he says.
"Who? Who's everywhere?"

"The InNOTvators. Alien invaders from strange places like Finland and California. They're here to destroy the American way of life. Probably the French way, too. We have to stop them."

"Now these InNOTvators are coming in and giving away their software for free. How do you compete with that?"


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