July 28, 2014

The Innovation Ecosystem Around OpenStack is Finally Ramping Up

OpenStack has already earned support across the IT industry from users, developers, cloud providers, and vendors, but many deployments are still new, and we have yet to see how people will innovate around the platform. Everybody from AT&T to Rackspace and the Linux Foundation to IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, and Yahoo keeps touting innovation surrounding OpenStack, but where might there be surprises for the platform over the next several years.

That topic has been on the table at some recent events and in recent interviews. Here are the details.

At the OpenStack Summit, HP officials delivered a keynote on innovation and OpenStack. You can watch a video of it here.  Like several other companies, HP is focused on OpenStack for more than just infrastructure. It sees the platform as extensible and is aware of ecosystem of tools that orbit OpenStack.



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