March 8, 2004

Inside The Linux Documentation Project

TLDP is short for The Linux Documentation Project, an organization of volunteers authoring, reviewing and managing documents about the Linux operating
system. Documents basically come in two formats based upon their length. The shorter ones generally are called HOWTOs (or mini-HOWTOs, if they are
really short), the longer documents, called guides, deal in-depth with a Linux feature.

The number of topics discussed in these HOWTOs and guides is practically unlimited, ranging from installing the Linux system to managing all kinds of
devices, services and environments, to creating your own system from scratch. Name any topic, there's something about it in TLDP, mainly thanks to
volunteers who share their experiences.

All the documentation is freely available in several formats suitable for printing and on-line browsing. The main submission language is English, but
several translation efforts, including French, German and Chinese, try to make this immense amount of information available to a wider public.



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