July 6, 2009

InsideTrack: Former Employees Confirm Quadrics Officially Out of Business Last Week

Article Source insideHPC
July 6, 2009, 2:23 pm

In late May we reported on rumors at The Reg and the New York Times (here) that interconnect maker Quadrics was heading for a shutdown of operations in June. Subsequent Googling turned up a big fat zero, except that the rumors hadn’t yet been confirmed.

I started sending some emails around, and heard back from former Quadrics employees, who confirmed that four Quadrics staff transferred to  Vega Ltd., another company owned by the parent of Quadrics, Finmeccanica UK. Vega acquired Quadrics’ outstanding support contracts, including the flagship Tera10 at CEA in France, and they also got the remaining Quadrics hardware stock to supply spares for existing customers. There is also some word that Vega has acquired some of the Quadrics IP, but no clear indication yet on what will happen to that...

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