February 25, 2013

Install Moodle to Manage Courses

Moodle, the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is the premier open source e-learning application. A learning management system with strong philosophical underpinnings, Moodle allows teachers to create assignments, distribute materials, hold online classes, create tests, and grade students' work. Its modular infrastructure fosters communication and collaboration between teachers and students.

Moodle is used in community colleges, public schools, home schools, and distance learning situations where a teacher's physical presence might not be possible. Businesses also use Moodle to offer training and certification programs.

Moodle runs as a web application. I'll assume the CentOS server on which you're installing it is already running Apache, MySQL, and PHP. To try Moodle, download the installation archive from download.Moodle.org, extract it, and set the appropriate permissions for its program and data directories...

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