January 15, 2003

Installgen 1.72 - automates Oracle 8.1.7 installs

David Simpson writes: Version 1.72 of Installgen generates the scripts required to automate the installation of Oracle 8.1.7 databases on 8 releases of Red Hat Linux.

The installation procedures implemented by Installgen include the installation of Oracle patch along with the installation of the correct version of glibc and Oracle-supplied glibc stubs files based upon the version of Red Hat Linux being used. Red Hat Linux versions 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8.0 and Advanced Server 2.1 are supported with this release of Installgen. Red Hat Linux versions 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 are not certified by Oracle, however they are supported by Installgen to provide the DBA with flexibility when installing test versions of Oracle databases on low-cost hardware.

Installgen 1.72 also provides complete support for installing and managing Standby databases on Linux servers. All OS-specific standby database setup code is changed automatically based upon the platform which has been selected in the Installgen application. Competing tools cost as much as $4000 to automate just 1 standby database configuration. This makes the $1299 cost of Installgen Standard Edition a bargain compared to other tools currently on the market. Furthermore, customers can examine and modify the Perl code generated by Installgen in order to customize the standby database configuration as needed. Unlike other tools, Installgen supports an unlimited number of database servers for one low price. There are no per-server add-on licensing charges with Installgen.

In future versions of Installgen support is planned for Oracle databases running on HP-UX, AIX, Tru64 and Solaris 9. These new platforms will be in addition to the currently supported Windows, Solaris7/8, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

Installgen is available in two editions, a Standard and Enterprise Edition. Installgen - Standard Edition provides a 3 user license with an unlimited number of database servers. The Enterprise Edition provides a worldwide site license for an unlimited number of users and database servers. The Enterprise edition license also includes the Perl source code allowing user customization of the generated output files.

Customers holding a current subscription, may upgrade at no charge to Installgen 1.72 by simply downloading the latest version from the Licensed Software Downloads page.

The Installgen application is available for the following platforms, allowing the DBA to work with the platform they prefer: Windows, Linux X86, Solaris 8 and Mac OS X. A free demo version of Installgen may be downloaded from
the downloads page.


Link: http://www.dotcomsolutionsinc.net/news/installgen

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