July 6, 2006

Installing Ubuntu (Linux.com training videos)

Author: JT Smith

In our first set of Linux.com training videos we showed you how to download Ubuntu GNU/Linux and run it from a CD without installing it. Today, in two short videos, we install Ubuntu on our hard drive.

About the videos: They're in AVI format, encoded with the free XviD codec, compatible with media players available for almost all popular desktop PC operating systems. If -- and this is unlikely -- your computer does not have the XviD codec installed, you can get it here or through your favorite free operating system's software repository.
Windows and Mac users can find easy-to-install XviD binaries here.

Click to play video
Click to play video

Future Linux.com videos will include:

  • More Ubuntu instructions (how to update and administer, install and remove software, etc.)
  • Similar coverage of most popular GNU/Linux distributions
  • Linux application software reviews and instructions

This is an ever-evolving experiment. We welcome your comments and suggestions, either posted below or sent via email to robin at roblimo dot com

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