July 12, 2004

Integrated Memory Debugging Available for Linux

TotalView writes "Etnus, provider of the most advanced debugger on Linux and UNIX, announced the availability of TotalView 6.5, featuring fully-integrated memory debugging. An innovative approach delivers instant access to data about leaks and heap allocation with unprecedented convenience, since developers need not wait for static post-mortem reports delivered by other leading memory tools. This release also includes support for the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux, version 8.0, and expanded capabilities for STLView, the TotalView state-of-the-art Standard Template Library viewer. Other new compilers and distributions included in this release are PGI C/C++ 5.1, SuSE Linux Professional 9.0, and SuSE Linux Personal 9.0.

Memory Debugging

TotalView 6.5 represents a significant broadening of functionality, enhancing developer productivity through unique, proprietary memory debugging technology that neither instruments code nor alters libraries. TotalView now delivers memory debugging features that are fully integrated into the debugger. These features are typically associated with stand-alone tools such as IBM Purify and Parasoft Insure++. And, the user experience is enhanced by an on-demand, view-based approach that eliminates the need to wait for post-mortem style reports common in stand-alone memory tools.

TotalView 6.5 also lets developers evaluate fixes to memory problems without recompiling, and includes a variety of advanced and state-of-the-art memory debugging features to help developers find and eliminate even the most difficult heap allocation errors and leaks.

Support for the Intel Fortran for Linux Compiler, version 8.0

TotalView 6.5 also includes support for the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux, version 8.0, adding to the already existing support for Intel C/C++ Compiler for Linux, version 8.0, released earlier this year. This addition completes the TotalView support for this most recent compiler suite, which is in high demand in the Linux developer marketplace. The combination of Etnus TotalView and Intel compilers presents an advanced development environment for sophisticated users writing complex, mission-critical code in commercial, university, and high performance computing sectors.

âWe are pleased to see Etnus release this new version of TotalView with updated support for Intel processors and the latest Intel Fortran Compiler,â said Jon Khazam, general manager of Intel Software Development Products. âTogether, Intel and Etnus, a participant in Intelâs Early Access Program, offer the industry unparalleled performance and enhanced developer productivity.â

Other Features, Compilers, and Distributions

TotalView 6.5 expands the cutting edge Standard Template Library Viewer (STLView) that helps developers easily read and interpret hard-to-decipher Standard Template Library code and data. TotalView 6.5 adds support for the string class and also allows developers to easily and quickly write transformations for âhome-grownâ classes/containers. STLView transformations are also now available for new the compilers. This release adds Sun Forte 7, Sun One Studio 8, PGI 5.1, and GCC 3.4 to the list of compilers for which we provide STLView.

TotalView 6.5 also keeps pace with current compilers, operating systems, and distributions, adding support for GCC 3.4, PGI C/C++ version 5.1, and SuSE Linux Professional 9.0 and SuSE Linux Personal 9.0 on Intel x86 and AMD x86-64 platforms.

Fully-functional trial licenses may be downloaded from the Etnus website at http://www.etnus.com.


Link: Etnus.com

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