August 28, 2015

Integration Process For openSUSE Tumbleweed, Leap Explained

The SUSE office in Nuremberg, Germany, had a special presentation given by Dominique Leuenberger, last week about the interconnecting points of the openSUSE project. Specifically, Leuenberger covered the integration process of Tumbleweed and Leap and explained the difference between the two.

âLeap is trying to find the balance between how much SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise) and how much Tumbleweed,â he said.

Tumbleweed is a tested and stable rolling release with the most recent kernels, software versions and packages while SLE focuses on delivering enterprise-quality technology, efficiency and systems management. Leuenberger, who has been in the openSUSE project since it started, further explained how items enter the Open Build Service...

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