August 11, 2001

Intel, AMD and Apple leverage the MHz myth

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes, "With the (somewhat) soon introduction of next generation processors like Intels Itanium using a RISC-like chip and an inability to over-increase MHz with these processors to similar levels as compared to the processor's Pentium cousin, we may find the long-dreaded MHz myth turned on its head. This change in mindshare could conceivably help companies like Apple computer who have been trying to educate consumers of the MHz myth with its RISC processors for years. On a side note, could the Itanium's roots in RISC give Apple an entry point into the PC world without having to eat humble pie by catering to PCs but instead have the PC's upcoming RISC aritecture come to Apple? hmmmmmm..."


  • Unix
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