Intel and Nokia field open source telephony project

Article Source LinuxDevices
May 11, 2009, 2:44 pm

Intel and Nokia have launched an open source project to develop a mobile telephony stack for possible inclusion in the Moblin and Maemo projects. The oFono stack is based on open source Linux and a high-level D-Bus interconnection API, and targets the development of GSM/UMTS applications.

The oFono technology is licensed under GPLv2, and includes a high-level D-Bus API “for use by telephony applications of any license,” says the project. Developed by, D-Bus (Desktop Bus) is an open source, Linux/Unix-based inter-process communication (IPC) technology, which links applications with peripheral services. In the mobile world, D-Bus been made part of the LiMo Platform mobile spec, and last August, LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation member Movial announced a “Browser D-Bus Bridge” application, which translates HTML and Javascript commands to D-Bus to create “mashups” of applications and services…