August 9, 2001

Intel i815EP motherboard matchup

Author: JT Smith

"As newer, faster, better processors emerge some forget that the Pentium 3 processor
is still a lot of power packed into a chip. Those on a limited budget and still craving
more power from an Intel chip will look to the higher clock rate Pentium 3s. The
Pentium 3 is still a fine upgrade path for those running a chip at 500MHz or below.
Those who plan on buying the latest in video card technology will surely benefit from
an upgrade to a Pentium 3 1GHz or above. Considering all of this, we will now take
one last look at single processor Pentium 3 boards based on the i815EP chipset.
Included in this review are three boards: the Abit SA6R, the SOYO SY-7IS2, and the DFI CS61-EC." From
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