August 10, 2001

Intel Itanium architecture to power new computer grid

Author: JT Smith

From a press release on Business Wire: "Intel today announced that its Itanium(TM) family of processors will be used to build a distributed scientific computing system expected to be the largest
of its kind in the world. The computing system, dubbed the "TeraGrid," is part of a $53 million award by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to four
facilities to address complex scientific research by creating a Distributed Terascale Facility (DTF). The TeraGrid will link computers powered by more than
3,300 Intel(R) Itanium family processors. It will be capable of more than 13.6 trillion calculations per second (13.6 teraflops) and have the ability to store,
access and share more than 450 trillion bytes of information."
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