March 27, 2003

Intel May Have 64-bit Desktop Chip After All

Eric Peterson writes "As 64-bit desktop processor technology is soon upon us, many consumers wait in high anticipation for solutions from IBM and AMD to power their next-generation 64-bit computers. Why isn't Intel among these players offering 64-bit solutions? Intel said that the reason is because consumers aren't yet ready for 64 bit technology as of yet.

Although some have suggested that this response be due to the fact that Intel dropped the 64-bit ball, and that it would seem only logical for the company to make statements along these lines, one must not forget that the company does have a backup technology named Yamhill. What is Yamhill you ask? to put it simply, Yamhill is support for AMD's x86-64 architecture.

The following oscast broadcast (MPEG4 Audio Required) analyzes the specific reasons why it's not in Intel or Microsoft's best interest to utilize the AMD-specific Yamhill technology, although themarket may eventually force them to."

Link: oscast

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