October 1, 2006

Intel: Only "Open" for Business

Michael Knudsen writes "Intel still refuses to work with open source projects such that they can provide their users with proper support for their hardware products.

As has happened before, Theo de Raadt once again asks users to take action and contact Intel, telling them what they think of their current policy of not releasing hardware documentation and granting open source projects the right to distribute hardware firmware with their products. Failing to do so only harms users in the way that they risk having unsupported or malfunctioning hardware in their operating system of choice.

This obviously does not only concern OpenBSD but all the other BSDs as well as Linux and any other open source operating system out there.

Please, read Theo's letter here: http://undeadly.org/cgi?action=article&sid=2006093 0232710"

Link: undeadly.org


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