January 23, 2004

Intel renews proposal for Linux Centrino WLAN

Werner Heuser writes
"According to CNET News
"the chipmaker likely will begin by releasing a proprietary software
module, called a driver, said Will Swope, general manager of Intel's
Software and Solutions Group, speaking in an interview at the
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo here. He said he hopes the company will later offer an open-source driver, software that the general Linux programming community
may scrutinize and reshape if desired."

Therefore you are still encouraged to sign the
Intel Support of Centrino Under Linux Petition.
The petition has already been signed by more than 7,000 people and is still
gaining momentum. You may get
more information about Linux on Centrino laptops at TuxMobil.
Besides installation reports about Linux on almost any Centrino laptop, there
are different approaches to get the wireless LAN running, despite the missing manufacturer support.


Link: news.com

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