November 10, 2009

Intel Ships Reader with Moblin Technology

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November 10, 2009, 10:58 am

Intel today launched a portable device aimed at helping vision-impaired and dyslexic people read. The "Intel Reader" uses an Intel Atom processor and Moblin technology, and is available now from several resellers, priced around $1,400.

The news was met with widespread interest from the global computer press. To sample coverage, try this Google News link.

The Intel Reader

The Reader is among the first devices touted as using Moblin technology. However, many modern devices quietly use Moblin technology under the hood. As with Linux, or any other open source technology, there's no branding onus for companies choosing to use the technology in products. Most Linux device users, for example, are blissfully unaware of the OS inside, and so it goes for Moblin technology.

But make no mistake, Moblin technology goes most everywhere that Intel Atom processors are going. It comprises a specialized Linux kernel, applications, libraries, and tools optimized for Atom. Hence, many single-board computer (SBC) vendors and reference design integrators distribute Moblin technology as part of their board support packages and/or software reference designs, and many device developers start building their projects with Moblin technology at the core.

Atom has been very well received by the device and board community. Nearly every vendor of x86-class boards and/or systems today offers an Atom processor option in at least one or two form factors. The Atom processor core yields best-of-class power-per-Watt ratings, good footprint, and excellent flexibility, with a variety of models targeting devices of various kinds.

Lots more about the Reader can be found on a special website, here. More about Moblin technology can be found at

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