January 9, 2004

Intel touts new "High Definition Audio" standard

Intel unveiled a new moniker for its next-generation audio specification for PCs, previously codenamed "Azalia": High Definition Audio. Intel says
High Definition Audio -- a name intended to reflect the marriage of advanced audio capabilities in PCs and consumer electronics (CE) -- will be used
to implement a range of CE-quality audio, modem, and communications functions in PCs, handhelds, and consumer electronics (CE) devices.

According to Intel, High Definition Audio was developed with broad support from PC and CE manufacturers, codec vendors, software providers, and other
industry players. Intel says it provides a flexible, dynamic, cost-effective and stable architecture with headroom for future expansion. For example,
High Definition Audio will not only provide an enriched playback experience but is expected to also deliver a better-quality input for voice and
communication applications.

Link: deviceforge.com

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