October 30, 2001

Intel trims Pentium prices

Author: JT Smith

PCWorld: "Intel has cut the prices of its three fastest Pentium 4 processors and of some of its 0.13-micron Pentium III Processor-M chips. The cuts could bring down the price
of Intel-based business and consumer PCs between now and the U.S. holiday season.

The price drops took effect on Sunday, according to Intel. The price of the fastest Pentium 4 processor, the 2-GHz version, was cut 29 percent to $401 in 1,000-unit
quantities, a standard measurement in chip sales. The 1.9-GHz version of the chip was reduced 27 percent, from $375 to $273, while the 1.8-GHz version had its
price cut by 12 percent, from $256 to $225."


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