January 11, 2006

Intel® PXA270 platform for Embedded Applications

Priya writes "As a leading Intel XScale® PXA270 embedded solution provider, iWave Systems solutions offers reference platform. iW-RainboWG1 is iWave's latest solution for hand-held mobility platform. Unique set of features of PXA270 520 MHz processor brings to the newest and most dynamic embedded applications. With a ported Linux and Windows CE 5.0 OS and system utility included, developers can get a proven, fully-tested and application-ready Intel PXA270 platform with a feature set specifically designed for their application, in a very short time.

iWave Systems has developed a single board computer (iW-RainboW) based on arm core, Intel Xscale PXA 270 (code named Bulverde) that runs Windows CE.net 5.0 and Linux 2.6.9.

The development platform runs at 520 MHz. This Hand-held mobility platform is an integrated and modular design, which can be used to build the next generation PDA, Smart Phones, Media Player, Hand-held Gaming, Point of Sale terminal etc.
This design is rich in memory with Flash, SDRAM, Flash disk supporting upto 1 GB, SD/MMC, Compact Flash, Sony memory stick.

iW-Rainbow enables wide range of communication through USB 1.1 Host with OTG, USB 2.0 Device and wireless connectivity through IRDA, 802.11b/g (Through CF), GSM/GPRS/PHS/Blue tooth as Plug-in.
The CMOS Camera module with VGA, Lithium polymer Battery and Audio-video with MPEG 4 support makes the design to excel. iWave provides BSPs for Windows CE.Net and the necessary tool chain for Linux for developing applications.

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