January 13, 2004

InterAKT has released Komplete Lite 2.5.3

InterAKT Online writes "InterAKT has released the Komplete Lite 2.5.3 Final version. The release includes major changes in application structure management, a new visual editor, better RSS/RDF importer and a new layout manager.
On this release we have focused on speed, security and compatibility issues. The resulting product is a lot faster than previous versions, more secure and it can be installed on almost any current operating system. Komplete Lite runs on Apache and IIS web servers and can be used on Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.4, the most popular browsers at the moment.

Complete New Features: 

Layout management
completely new layout manager
three new site layouts
fix default layout being displayed for wrong users
added new text formatting stylesheet from KTML
implemented new layout wizard
instant layout preview
display message after layout modificationNew structure management
new sitemap allowing administrators to manage the site structureNew page properties
article list and forum rich editable header

Notable Improvements:
Includes the KTML3Lite, an improved WYSIWYG editor
rebuilt UNDO manager, to support all operations
redesigned interface to ease the editor work
support for Mozilla 1.4 or later
new Image ManagerImproved administration tools
better structure management
improved forum management
corrected page historyMajor security corrections
made user email email unique
password field is masked
passwords encrypted in the database
fix page and article showing editing controls to users that don't have the right to edit templates
corrected major security issue:  when logged in on a Komplete Lite application the user gains rights on all Komplete Lite applications
restricted password reminder to non-admin usersImproved modules/page types
better RSS/RDF importer to comply with RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0 standards
updated external link behaviour
Platform improvements
migrated to Krysalis 2.4.3
sitemap redesign
separate pipelines for each administration XML file
major speed improvementsCorrections on Komplete Lite InstallerCompatibility issues
Komplete Lite can be installed on Linux, Windows and Unix
works on Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.4+ browsers
based on MySQL database server

Link: Komplete Lite 2.5.3

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