January 31, 2003

InterAKT has released Krysalis 2.1 Professional pl

InterAKT Online writes "InterAKT has released the 2.1 version of the Krysalis Professional platform. It was designed from scratch for professional web development, and it includes KrysalIDE, the XML development environment."

The 2.1 release of the platform includes many improvements and bugfixes, offering developers a very powerful and flexible software development environment.

Notable features:
--Enterprise-level application development support: The main goal of the Krysalis platform is to help web developers create powerful applications faster.
--Powerful IDE: to develop complex webapplications visually, Krysalis come together with a powerful IDE designed for XML content publishing: KrysalIDE. See more on KrysalIDE here: http://www.interakt.ro/products/KrysalIDE/
--XML/XSL - logic/presentation approach: to ease software maintenance, Krysalis allows developers to create software by separating the application logic from the presentation layer.
--PDF report generation: Krysalis can be used to generate PDF reports easily from XML datasources, using XSL for output formatting.
--SOAP support: Krysalis integrates support for SOAP web services implementation and SOAP calls to other web services. You will also find in KrysalIDE a tool for automatically generation and introspection of WSDL files, that you can use to improve the productivity of calling web services.

The Krysalis platform is priced as following:
--Krysalis Professional - $500;
--Krysalis Standard - $200;
--Krysalis Foundation - Free (GPL).

Krysalis Foundation, the core platform for XML publishing, was now released as GPL, and now everyone can use it for commercial and non-commercial use.

We have also released a newsgroup for Krysalis, accesible here: news://news.interakt.ro/interakt.krysalis.krysalis

Krysalis is also presented in the online chapter of the Professional PHP Web Services Wrox book. The Krysalis chapter presents in detail the new SOAP support included in Krysalis 2.1, and several samples are thoroughly presented to help the readers understand how web services work and can be used toghether with the XML/XSL publishing platform. See a full preview of the book at http://www.interakt.ro/?page=news&id=136

View more on Krysalis at http://www.interakt.ro/products/Krysalis/"

Link: http://www.interakt.ro/products/

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