August 9, 2005

InterAKT offers free extension for each Dreamweave

InterAKT Online writes "InterAKT welcomes the announcement made today by Macromedia, the release of Dreamweaver 8. Acknowledging the necessity to get the latest development tools available, InterAKT is offering, for each Dreamweaver 8 purchase or upgrade originating from the InterAKT web site, a $129-worth ImpAKT license for free.

What is Dreamweaver 8?

Dreamweaver 8 is Macromedia's latest release of the industry-leading tool for designing and developing websites and applications. New Dreamweaver 8 features include expanded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layout visualization for easier design, drag-and-drop integration of XML data feeds, improved code hinting support for XML and XSLT, enhanced usability features such as zoom and code collapse to streamline the development process, and easier ways to incorporate Flash Video content onto websites.

Why purchase from InterAKT?

Working with Macromedia on ColdFusion MX 7 support in Dreamweaver, InterAKT has come to understand the basic needs of a developer and meets them with a complex range of extensions. ImpAKT is a product that enhances Dreamweaver to improve dynamic websites development, and brings productivity to a new level. The Dreamweaver extension solves 4 major needs:

  • MX File Upload - file and image upload with automatic image resize and thumbnail creation.
  • MX Form Validation – comprehensive library of client-side and server-side validation rules.
  • MX User Login - professional user authentication sections with account activation and encrypted passwords.
  • MX Send E-mail - e-mails with dynamic content sent to multiple recipients.

Where to start from?

To benefit from this special offer, visit the InterAKT website at emm . The purchases are made through the regular Macromedia stores. No extra fees are involved.

About InterAKT

Founded in 2000, InterAKT ( ) faced an average growth of 200% per year, and is committed to creating the best suite of products to improve the web development process. Their flagship product - MX Kollection - transforms Dreamweaver into a better tool, helping HTML designers attack web projects previously out of their league. InterAKT was selected as a Macromedia Alliance partner in 2003. Ever since, it has developed a large client base: tens of thousands for the free products, over 6,000 commercial clients and almost 30,000 commercial licenses sold.
Contact Information

Alexandru COSTIN
President of Products Division"


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